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 What is Hydrotherapy?
 What is Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic therapy where controlled movement in warm water is carried out allowing dogs to exercise in a low/ zero weight bearing environment greatly reducing the stress and pressure normally exerted on joints. The warm water reduces pain and swelling allowing for a greater range of movement without the normal pain some dogs might get whilst normally exercising. Hydrotherapy can be carried out either through free swimming in our large swimming pool or more controlled exercise in our aquatic treadmill allowing specific muscle groups to be targeted.

Dogs don't have to have an injury to come to us. They may just love swimming or you may be interested in improving muscle tone and fitness levels. It is also an excellent way to exercise your dog if you yourself struggle to keep up with them! It is also an excellent way to introduce puppies to water and a great form of exercise as it allows them to burn off energy without damaging their growing bones.

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 Who can receive Hydrotherapy?
 Who Can Receive Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is used as a non-weight bearing exercise for your dog to help recover from surgery or injury, or to improve conditions such as arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, ligament damage and muscle strain. It isn’t just for injured dogs though it can also be used to strengthen muscles and improve general fitness levels which is very good for agility dogs allowing them to have an edge on competition.

Due to the therapeutic properties of water you are able to start the rehabilitation process soon after surgery, resulting in a faster recovery period. It is also good pre op to build muscle before surgery leading to a faster recovery. Whilst exercise in the pool is great for building up muscle strength without bearing any weight on the joints, the treadmill is excellent for those animals which need to learn how to place their feet again especially after either surgery or when a certain condition causes them to alter the gait.

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 Who is this Will bloke anyway?
 About Us

My name is Will and I have helped set up and run my families boarding kennels for the past 7 years. In 2013 I took an interest in the rehabilitation of dogs and started my training at Hawksmoor hydrotherapy in which I completed early 2014. I have set up my own center fitted out with both a hydrotherapy treadmill and aquatic treadmill and am able to offer a wide range of rehabilitation sessions meeting many dog’s needs.

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 What qualifications are needed?
 About Us

I have completed both the level three certificate and diploma at Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy. I have studied the anatomy and physiology of dogs covering the orthopedic and neurological conditions that affect dogs as well as the surgical procedures and alternative therapies used to manage these conditions. I have also studied water management to ensure the water is clean for your dog to use the facilities. I am also a small animal first aider so you can rest assure that your pet is in safe hands when visiting our centre.

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 But what if my dog doesn't like getting wet?

Some dogs aren’t keen on water either because of a bad experience or because they are unsure of it. We can use the pool and treadmill to introduce your dog to water in a safe environment and show them there is nothing to be worried about.

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 Do I need a vet to refer me?
 Veterinarian Referral

Some vets will refer your dog for hydrotherapy however you are free to contact us for a referral form or download one. A vet may wish to see your dog before hydrotherapy commences to ensure they are ok to receive hydrotherapy.

 Click here to download the Referral Form

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 My dog can't swim, does it matter?

Most dogs will swim instinctively however some dogs will make no to very little effort we can introduce them to the water and teach them to swim. Some dogs just need some encouragement, however we can start them in the treadmill walking to get the movement in the water and slowly raise the water level and it will help them learn what to do.

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 Will my insurance pay for hydrotherapy?

Check the terms of your insurance policy, Some insurance companies limit the number of hydrotherapy sessions per condition whereas others will pay up to your insurance limit. Some companies include hydrotherapy under 'complementary' treatment whilst others have their own hydrotherapy section in the policy.

Call your insurer to check where they stand with hydrotherapy and do check if you need to get pre-authorisation for hydrotherapy treatment and, if so, get the insurance company to send you the form immediately.

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 How soon can hydrotherapy start after surgery?

Usually hydrotherapy can start once stitches or staples have been removed and open wounds are healed however your vet will instruct you on this.

After some surgeries, fractures and spinal problems it may be 4-8 weeks before hydrotherapy can commence but again the vet will instruct you on this.

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